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A collaborative project between Mika Satomi and Swedish Music Group Trapped in a Loop (Magdalena Ågren and Richard Widerberg).

Mag’s Magnificent Marching Band


A series of Marching Band costume with belly drum interface. First performed at the Schmiede 2015. soundcloud link to the MAGs Magnificent Marching Orchestra at Schmiede

Hoodie Escape

Mika Satomi Clemens Pichler 2014 This is a continuation of the DJ HOODIE project with Clemens Pichler. The previous version was about two cassette DJ trying to compete the DJ battle by pulling each others’ filter parameter. This time, we … Continue reading

Making of :: Jenny’s Playlist Costume


Currently I am making costumes for the music duo “Jenny’s Playlist”. Their wish was to have costume that lights up as they perform. Yes, it is a blinky LED costume! After a long meeting with them to decide what kind … Continue reading


This is a project made for “Society of Cultural Optimism” organized by Friedrich Kirschner as awards for their game competing to be a better cultural optimist. As it should represent the cultural optimism we took the keyword of “internet meam”. … Continue reading

DJ Hoodie

Mika Satomi Clemens Pichler 2010 DJ Hoodie is a wearable interface that includes 4 channel zipper switch, fabric buttons with LED indicators and fabric pressure sensors. Two of these hoodies are connected with knitted stretch sensors on the hoods. It … Continue reading

Involving the Machines

Hannah Perner-Wilson Linda Worbin Mika Satomi 2012 The objective of this project is to explore the combination of semi-automated machinery and handcraft processes for the production of electronic textiles. Electronic textiles (E-Textiles) are textiles that have electronic components embedded in … Continue reading

Chair of Paradise


Mika Satomi 2011 Paradise differs from Utopia. While Utopia literally means “no place”, where an alternative ideal society inhabits, Paradise suggests a peaceful harmonious land inhabited by birds and animals. In paradise, human seems to be a foreign creature. The … Continue reading

Suicidal Teapot

Mika Satomi 2011 Suicidal Teapot is a teapot, which hits itself until it breaks. We may sympathize with its action as an attempt of suicide, or may observe its motion as a pure mechanical function. In any case, the self-destruction … Continue reading

Perfect Human

Mika Satomi Hannah Perner-Wilson 2008 – Inspired by Joergen Leth’s 1967 short film “The Perfect Human” and Lars von Trier’s “The Five Obstructions” (2003). This performance intends to create a sixth obstruction of The Perfect Human, by introducing rules in … Continue reading