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Aoi Yamaguchi ( Japanese Calligraphy/Performance ) Corey Fuller ( Sound/Composition ) Mika Satomi ( Costume/Light ) 書韻 – SHOINN – is a conceptual, collaborative and improvised performance, in which Japanese calligraphy, e-textile and sound art come together. The large scale … Continue reading



in collaboration with: Magdalena Ågren (Trapped in a Loop) Richard Widerberg (Trapped in a Loop) Trapped in a Loop is a duo plays improvisational music based on field recording samples and live instrument loops. Magdalena is a trombone player and … Continue reading

Mag’s Magnificent Marching Band


A series of Marching Band costume with belly drum interface. First performed at the Schmiede 2015. soundcloud link to the MAGs Magnificent Marching Orchestra at Schmiede

Hoodie Escape


Clemens Pichler ( Sound/Composition/Performance) Mika Satomi (Costume/Electronics/Performance) This is a continuation of the DJ HOODIE project with Clemens Pichler. The previous version was about two cassette DJ trying to compete the DJ battle by pulling each others’ filter parameter. This … Continue reading

Making of :: Jenny’s Playlist Costume


Currently I am making costumes for the music duo “Jenny’s Playlist”. Their wish was to have costume that lights up as they perform. Yes, it is a blinky LED costume! After a long meeting with them to decide what kind … Continue reading


This is a project made for “Society of Cultural Optimism” organized by Friedrich Kirschner as awards for their game competing to be a better cultural optimist. As it should represent the cultural optimism we took the keyword of “internet meam”. … Continue reading

DJ Hoodie

Mika Satomi Clemens Pichler 2010 DJ Hoodie is a wearable interface that includes 4 channel zipper switch, fabric buttons with LED indicators and fabric pressure sensors. Two of these hoodies are connected with knitted stretch sensors on the hoods. It … Continue reading

Involving the Machines

Hannah Perner-Wilson Linda Worbin Mika Satomi 2012 The objective of this project is to explore the combination of semi-automated machinery and handcraft processes for the production of electronic textiles. Electronic textiles (E-Textiles) are textiles that have electronic components embedded in … Continue reading

Chair of Paradise


Mika Satomi 2011 Paradise differs from Utopia. While Utopia literally means “no place”, where an alternative ideal society inhabits, Paradise suggests a peaceful harmonious land inhabited by birds and animals. In paradise, human seems to be a foreign creature. The … Continue reading

Suicidal Teapot

Mika Satomi 2011 Suicidal Teapot is a teapot, which hits itself until it breaks. We may sympathize with its action as an attempt of suicide, or may observe its motion as a pure mechanical function. In any case, the self-destruction … Continue reading