AI on a Fabric

Noël Saavedra (Weberei Berlin)
Lizzie Wilson
Mika Satomi

During the Patterns in between Intelligences project, I have developed two series of touch sensitive e-textile fabrics in collaboration with Noël Saavedra from Weberei Berlin.

Images on the textiles were generated with Disco Diffusion. Although they are generated automatically, one needs to become “expert” on prompting them. 5 images are created using the below prompts.

“An illustration of pagan office workers annotating ritual of artificial intelligence database in huge datacenter in third world, esoteric logic of cables and cooling fans biased information,

Lithium miners:
“An illustration of a mother performing a ritual of lithium battery technology, digital excavation instruments artificial intelligence,

“An illustration of a jester possessed by an AI devil collage victorian esoteric spiritism gradient glitch dogital annotation bias is made , database mechanism datacenter third world,

“An illustration of a Tarot queen of choirs singing database of information technology with her machine learning synthetic voices, futuristic victorian esoteric spiritism flourish future prediction,

“An illustration of a grandmother of artificial intelligence weaving a ritual of esoteric victorian mathematics probability instruments , esoteric jacquard loom and digital punch card ,

Generated AI images were digital printed on a fine cotton fabric by Weberei Berlin. Then I added conductive thread (silver/copper) on it as touch sensitive layer, connected to Trill craft board to make them touch sensitive. The dimension of the fabric is 150 x 150cm, and 150 x 300cm.

The 2nd series of AI fabric was woven with digital jacquard by Noël Saavedra. I added 3 new images, took 3 out from digital print series and produced 5 woven fabric of 160cm x 320cm each.

The fabric was woven with copper thread,inserted every ~5mm on weft. These threads are bounded together on the edge and hand stitched to make connections to Trill craft board. There are 30 separate reading lines on the fabric sensitive to human touch.

Lizzie Wilson has made a wonderful soundscape for this fabric. As you touch, it whispers to you continuously. It is made with a Pure Data patch running on a Bela mini board attached to the fabric, synthesizing at the location of the fabric.

Frank Sperling

Johannes Kölker