Patterns in between Intelligences

This short performance project was developed as a prototype for the Link Masters application call in collaboration with Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez, Deva Schubert, Alex McLean, Lizzie Wilson, Berit Greinke and myself. It was an attempt to think about use of AI and AI concept in a performance that involves live coding, e-textile sensors and improvisational movements. The final video performance was filmed in 2021 July, with live coders joining remotely from UK.

Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez
Deva Schubert

Live Coding
Alex McLean
Lizzie Wilson

e-Textile Costume
Berit Greinke
Mika Satomi

Textile Design
Berit Greinke

Interactive Systems
Mika Satomi

Sangwon Nam

Mika Satomi