Patterns in between Intelligences / Scheffield

” In “Patterns in between intelligences” is an artistic project and research that run from 2022 May to 2023 March in collaobration with Alex McLean, Lizzie Wilson, Deva Schubert, Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez and Mika Satomi. During this project period, we had a chance to show the in progress piece at the No Bound Festival in Sheffield UK.

For this piece, I produced 5 of 160 x 320 cm fabric with AI generated (using disco diffusion) images digitally printed. I added thin copper thread embroidery on their surface so they become touch sensitive. They were read by Trill board, sent via ESP board to a server so live coders has access to the touch information.

I have also produced 4 black harness for each performers and live coders to house Bela mini, battery and necessary electronics wearable. Each performers wore Kinesio tape bend sensors on face to interact with soundscape with their face movements.

” In “Patterns in between intelligences” an interdisciplinary group of artists, consisting of the live coders Alex McLean and Lizzie Wilson, the e-Textile designer Mika Satomi, the performers Deva Schubert and Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez, come together to create performative rituals. Improvisational practice is developed between live coding sounds and coding through dance, mediated and shaped by e-Textile costumes. Using machine learning and e-Textile sensors a human and non-human system of distributed intelligence based on the rhythmical live interaction of all agents is established, experienced live in an ecstatic soundscape. This project challenges the ideas of commercial-centric AI, which looks at emulating human neural pathways as the method of creating new intelligences. Instead, we look to a collective view of intelligence. Through the ritualist frame the spiritual and social dimension of AI is questioned and machine learning reconnected with ancient patterning techniques. In the search for a new artificial spirit, the final performance seeks to exceed our understanding of intelligence in a collective cathartic rhythm from which a new mystic code emerges. Can AI be used to transcend itself? “