in collaboration with:
Magdalena Ågren (Trapped in a Loop)
Richard Widerberg (Trapped in a Loop)

Trapped in a Loop is a duo plays improvisational music based on field recording samples and live instrument loops. Magdalena is a trombone player and a singer. She sometimes sings with her famous Mag’s Megaphone. Richard plays guitar and electronics music. He is the brain behind all the loop patches. I had a chance to work with them as they invited me to do a one week residency with them in Göteborg, Sweden, where they are based.

IMG_2715 IMG_2723
IMG_2726 IMG_2730
IMG_2787 IMG_2794
IMG_2785 IMG_2790
IMG_2811 IMG_2812

We slowly developed the piece by first trying out modular eTextile sensors on body and playing around with their music composition. Then I decided on the costume design and the placement of the sensor. After the design was fixed, I had to work quick to finish. The photos here shows mostly the one for Mag, but actually I’ve also made a shirt with knit stretch sensors for Richard.

IMG_2772 IMG_2804
As we were trying out, we had an “awesome” idea of making a hat filled with doll heads. I think this was inspired by a dream Mag had the other day. We got some old dolls that blinks eyes in a second hand shop and made a crazy doll hat to go with the costume.

IMG_2836 IMG_2846
IMG_2853 IMG_2857

We end our residency with a small concert with public. Unfortunately the recording of the movie was not in good quality, so I can not show you here… but the best is to listen to them live, always.

If you wonder the sound of the Trapped in a Loop, here is the link to their soundcloud >>