Linlow vol.2 – Rambu

Interactive Improvisational Perfomance of Calligraphy, movement and sound
Time: June 4th 2017 17:00-
Location: the Apartment Project Berlin (Hetzbergstrasse 13, 12055 Berlin)


Aoi, Schneider TM and Mika has collaborated for the TYPO Berlin performance.
This time, we have a new collaborator Ozgur Erkok, who performs with his special high-heels. During the 2 days of mini-residency at the apartment project, we will be experimenting with the boarder between traditional and avant-garde. Please come see the outcome at the venue on the June 4th (Sun) at 17:00.

The collaborators are:
Aoi Yamaguchi (Japanese Calligraphy) >
Schneider TM (Experimental Music) >
Ozgur Erkok (Performance) >
Mika Satomi (Sensor embedded costume and Interactive system) >
Ingo Randolf (Light design) >