Hoodie Escape


Clemens Pichler ( Sound/Composition/Performance)
Mika Satomi (Costume/Electronics/Performance)

This is a continuation of the DJ HOODIE project with Clemens Pichler. The previous version was about two cassette DJ trying to compete the DJ battle by pulling each others’ filter parameter. This time, we decided to make the hoodie as an music instrument for two performers. As the nature of these hoodie connected to each other with stretch material, we started to pull each other out as we rehearse. We also closed the entire hoodie with zipper, which made the performer a mysterious figures. As the zipper also acts as switches, we need to open them as the performance progresses. The performance ends as the performers pull each other so much that they escape from the hoodie and run away from the performance.

The HOODIE ESCAPE was performed at the Textile Museum Borås as a part of Textile Sounds in 2014 October.

The first sketches that shows the initial ideas

rehearsal scene

making of the hoodie
modifying the hood and adding zipper switch

making buttons. These are all pressure sensors made with eeonyx material in the middle. It gives analog value although in current performance we are using it as on/off buttons.

Knitting the hoodie stretch sensor with circular knitting machine. the middle part has conductive yarn mixed in to sense the stretch.

The circuit is planned as this

The poop shaped circuit. Do not ask why it is poop. It is an aesthetic choice.

The connection to the circuit on the hoodie side. it connects via poppers. All the electrical traces are made with conductive thread with sewing machine stitches.

On one of the hoodie, there is a mode control unit with number display. here is the inside of it.

Testing the fit.. well, it is a tight fit!