Indigo Hyphae

Janina Wegscheider (Zeugfärberei)
Mika Satomi

Indigo Hyphae is a participatory art project. 250 Indigo dyed textile pieces were hang at four stations along the Summerauerbahn train line in Upper Austria during the Festival der Regionen 2023, June 23- July 2.

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Culture is never static. It breathes, grows and adapts with the people living at the time. Today, we live in a time where we have access to various “making techniques” originating in different locations and societies. Some show unique ways of doing things that you never thought of, some solve a problem you have been tackling for years. 

Inspired by Zeugfärberei, an experimental textile workshop in Gutau, where people practice the  “Do-It-Yourself” culture-jam approach with indigo dye techniques, the project develops a remix between Japanese Katazome, Austrian Blaudruck and CNC techniques.

Hundreds of indigo fabric pieces hung at stations along the Summerauerbahn. They are printed all differently exhibiting their uniqueness. Visitors are encouraged to take one home. Like mushrooms migrating through the valleys slowly, these indigo fabrics move through the region. It may be re-made and re-used, or it simply sits at home as a memory of the festival visit.

This project was made in collaboration with Janina Wegscheider and Zeugfärberei,Gutau Upper Austria.